After Endodontic Microsurgery

Post Endodontic Microsurgery

Home-care instructions


Minor bleeding is expected and should not raise concern. In the unlike event of more bleeding, you may place a sterile gauze on the bleeding spot, hold it there and bite on it for half an hour.


Mild pain is expected. It is easily treated with painkillers and you may take them as advised by your Endodontist.


It is expected.The swelling will appear on the side of the treated area and it will last approximately for four days. It will get worse till day two post treatment and will gradually start to improve from day four. In order to reduce it, place some ice covered by a towel on the side of the treated area (externally). You may use the ice on and off for every 10 minutes on the day of the surgery.

If the swelling or/and the pain persists or/and deteriorates after the 4th day you should contact us.


A slight increase on your temperature may occur. There is no reason to worry as it will soon resolve.

Difficulty in opening your mouth

You may face it following the anaesthesia on the lower jaw and molar treatments. You are advised to make a controlled effort to open your mouth.

Chapped lips

If you experience chapped or dry lips, you are advised to apply some vaseline to keep them hydrated.


They may cause some discomfort which will disappear with their removal.

Oral hygiene

You may start brushing the rest of your teeth the day following the surgery. As far as the treated area is concerned, you must follow the instructions given by your Endodontist. Do not forget that oral and overall hygiene is essential for a quick healing.

Mouth wash

On the day of the surgery you are advised to avoid spitting, rinsing your mouth, brushing your teeth and exerting negative pressure using your lips.


For the first 24 hours food must be soft and cool.

For the next two days it is advised to consume food of moderate hardness.

Until day seven you are advised to avoid chewing on the side of the treated area.

From day seven and onwards you can slowly return to your normal eating habits.


You are encouraged to take the medication advised by your Endodontist.


Smoking is strictly forbidden.


Hematoma (brushing) may appear on the side of the treated area. There is no need to worry as it will eventually resolve .

If you have any questions, please call our office at +30 210 9681161.